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A-Frame treat dispenser

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A new challenge for many dogs and some cats.

You can make it easier or harder by using bottles with a wider or more narrow opening. We provide either 2 or 3 bottles with each stand. Some training may be required, but you don’t want to make it too easy.

These have a locking nut, at each end and a wing nut to tighten, to stop the frame from collapsing. Please loosen, the wing nut when folding the frame, to put it away. Please check regularly that the Locking nut is tight. Each bottle is held in place with two wee nuts.

These can come natural or with a rimu stain. Please indicate which you would like in the comments section when ordering.

These toys like other should be supervised and can fold flat to be put away in a small space.

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Natural, Rimu Stain