Golden tendons

Made from strong protein fibres. Natural, nourishing and chewy. No additives, preservatives or added salt. Don’t splitter like a bone. Suitable for most dogs.


Product Details

Golden Deer Tendons are air dried venison tendons. They are made from strong protein fibres: very natural, nourishing and chewy. An all-natural, all NZ product from Central Otago with no additives, preservatives or added salt.  Not messy. They are ideal for when you have to leave your dog behind- usually he/she won’t even look up as you go!

They don’t splinter like a bone, tendons are collagen so they are brilliant nutrition for skin and joints.

  • Provide essential chewing exercise
  • Great entertainment for puppies
  • Aid teeth & gum health (by removing plaque)
  • Can be fed to relieve anxiety when you leave your dog
  • Suitable for dogs with food sensitivities – Novel Protein
  • Provides natural, unprocessed nutrients



170g, 175g, 500g, Single