Delicious Avocado Snuffle Mat


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Product Details

An interactive fun, enriching way of feeding your pup either their meals or treats. Engages the brain in a fun non frustrating way. Food and entertainment, nothing better. It has a good mix of challenges and hiding spots.

  • Designed in Canada
  • Size : Diameter – 25.6 in x 18 in / 65 cm x 46 cm
  • Material : Thick Cotton Polyester Webbing, Felt, Food Grade Silicone
  • Detachable Parts : Food Grade Silicone Lick Pad
  • Features:
    • Dense anti-bite durable strong webbings
    • Velcro for closure and portability
    • Size large enough for being used by multiple siblings at the same time
    • Removable licking pad in the centre
    • Food grade Silicone licking pad with suction cup to attach to clean smooth floors
    • Licking pad can be used with wet / raw food
    • Licking pad can be used separately on smooth floors too
    • Large suction cup at the bottom to attach to clean smooth floors
    • 10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to 1 hour of running, tires your pet
    • Acts as a slow feeder too
    • Machine washable