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Pet Putty

Directions for Use:

  • Apply Pet Putty™  to the problem area ensuring generous coverage
  • For minor wounds, burns and itchy spots, leave on for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • To remove Pet Putty™  wipe off the bulk with a paper towel and wash the remainder with warm water
  • For deeper ulcers and wounds leave Pet Putty™  in place until it naturally dries and falls off
  • Allow the skin to dry and breathe for at least several hours between applications
  • Repeat daily until the problem has resolved.
  • Do NOT use the same clay twice.
  • Once the clay has been removed ensure the coat and skin are clear of pet putty™  residue to dry and oxygenate the skin.
  • Pet Putty™  packing works best when used consistently

Mushroom Extract

Dog Mushroom Extract

Power food for Immune Systems 

Our Dog Mushroom Extract is a safe and natural multi-benefit nutritional boost to support the health, vitality and or recovery of your beloved pets.

Mushrooms’ healing properties come from their nutritional value

Mushrooms contain so much nutritional goodness:

  • Minerals: potassium, selenium, sulphur, sodium, geranium, zinc, phosphorus
  • Sugars: mannitol, xylose, glucose, galactose, mannose
  • Vitamins: B complex, folic acid, pro-vitamin D
  • Protein: essential amino acids
  • Enzymes: antibacterial, proteolytic
  • Lipids: phospholipids, sterols, sterol esters, free fatty acids, mono-, di- and triglycerides
  • Polysaccharides: glycogen, beta-D-glucans, chitin
  • Essential oils: triterpenes

Adding mushroom extract to your dog’s bowl can be helpful for:

  • Immune system support
  • Digestive health
  • Cognitive maintenance
  • Mood Management (calming)
  • Energy and Stamina

High-Quality Ingredients

Consisting of equal parts of reishi, turkey tail & shitaake mushroom powders

Third-party tested in New Zealand for pesticide residue, heavy metal analysis, microbial analysis, and active compounds (Massey University and Hill Laboratories).

Directions for use 

Sprinkle 1/4 tsp to 1/2 tsp (.50gms to 1gm) of mushroom extract on your pet’s food once a day.

Puppy MudClay

Why Sodium Bentonite Clay is Good for Dogs

Doggy Detox Agent
Bentonite clay is well known for its ability to detoxify the body because it acts like a super magnet; attracting and discharging positively charged particles, like heavy metals and chemicals, from the body.

Kidney Support 
In addition to toxins and metals, this clay is also great for helping the body remove organ toxin wastes. These can build up when organs start to decline and age. 

When your dog’s kidneys lose their ability to clear toxins they build up in her bloodstream which is one of the reasons why they feels so sick and nauseous. The excess phosphates that the kidneys can’t clear, get absorbed by the clay helping your dog to feel better and improve their appetite and energy levels.

Improve Immune Function And Gut Health
As noted previously, adding Sodium Bentonite Clay to your dogs diet helps with detoxification processes.  In addition, it also delivers a number of important trace elements to your dog’s diet.  The elements are often missing from modern diets (including raw diets) because our soils are now depleted of these minerals. 

In a nutshell, Sodium Bentonite Clay is a win-win for gut bacteria.  It boosts the growth of good gut bacteria and is great at binding and removing the pathogenic bacteria in the gut.  Its super absorbent qualities is also one of the reasons it’s able to clear up vomiting and diarrhoea episodes.

Relief For Skin Disease And Allergies
Sodium Bentonite clay can be used both orally and topically to provide skin and allergy relief.

When ingested Internally, it helps in the removal of toxins, parasites and bacterial overgrowth from the gut.  This in turn helps to keep the immune system in balance and better able to fight off any threats. 

However, the clay’s powerful antibacterial properties means it can also be used to treat a number of skin conditions including itching and “hot spots”, eczema, wounds, burns or stubborn bacterial or fungal skin infections.  Pet Putty (a combination of Sodium Bentonite Clay and Rosemary or Totara) is our go-to topical clay healing product for skin issues.

Alternatively, a DIY Sodium Bentonite Clay Paste will be very soothing and great at drawing toxins out of the skin.  Even better, it’s also safe if your dog licks it.

DIY Soothing Clay Bath

If you dog loves baths, and suffers from irritated skin or itching, here’s a recipe for a soothing clay bath.   

  • Use 1/2 -1 cup of clay in a full tub.
  • Keep the dog soaking in the bath for 10-20 minutes.



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