Organ Boost


Product Details

A powerful mix of dried and powdered kidney and liver.

This product has been designed for the organ adverse pet in your life to add all those necessary vitamins and minerals.

Please mix with a small amount of warm water, bone broth or even goat milk.

Remembering that dehydrated and dried organ is three times as powerful as raw and that powdered organ will be even more potent. Add a small amount to your pets diet. Never over do their daily organ amount taking into account you are using a concentrated product.

We recommend dividing your pets raw organ allowance by four and using this as a guideline for feeding this powdered concentrate to your pet. Or just add a small sprinkle into their meat.

If poops become black and tarry please pull back on the organ you are feeding.


125g, 250g, 75g


Beef, Lamb, Venison