Popit Pouch


Product Details

Puppingtons Popit Pouches  another awesome design by Puppingtons

A small discreet but pretty pouch designed for when you just want to carry a few treats, ideal for showing, small training sessions or everyday walks.

The Popit Pouch is made from soft neoprene which is durable and easily wiped clean, you can even turn it inside out to get those last few crumbs out.

This pretty little pouch is easy to wear around your waist with the belt also supplied.

Magnets make it simple to open and close

So why Popit ?? Well this is the best bit, this little pouch can be used in lots of different ways.

Popit on your belt

Popit in your bag

Popit in the fridge

Popit in a treat pouch

Popit on the fridge, the car, the err anything metal – Simply turn it inside out and the magnets stick on anything metal

Pop a water bottle in it – small wide bottomed water bottles fit perfectly – saves carrying them just Popit around your waist

Pop a pod in it – Our Petite Pods fit perfectly in it

Pop a can in it – yes it can be used as a stubby holder 😉

How big is it ? Measuring just 10cm high, 12cm wide and 7cm across the bottom its a cute little pouch but still holds quite a few treats.

How to keep your Puppingtons Popit clean

Simply wipe out after use and leave inside out or open to dry.

We do not advise machine washing



Black, Rainbow pacman, Woof/Pink