Why Raw?


Raw is the diet closest to nature and the cleanest way to feed your carnivore. It is a non processed, natural way of providing not only food but entertainment and enjoyment. 

Cats and Dogs were evolved to eat meat, their teeth and jaws are designed for this. Providing meat and bones is a great way to fulfil this need. Cats are not natural water drinkers, and they concentrate their urine, so a raw diet which holds around 70% moisture is vital for them.  Changing your cat or weaning your kitten to raw provides them a big percentage of  the moisture required in their diet. Also, since cats are obligate carnivores, they are not meant to eat a high carbohydrate diet. 

If fed correctly, this provides them with, all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs naturally. Unprocessed, raw food is far more bio-available to our carnivorous pets,  meaning their poops are smaller and less smelly, great news for us. 

The most noticeable differences in a correctly raw fed animal is their shiny coat and overall appearance. Providing either bones or dehydrated chewy treats will also keep their pearly whites clean and sparkling. 

At Best for Pets we operate as closely as possible to the Prey Model Raw diet. This contains 80% Muscle meat 10% Bone and 10% secreting organ, 5% of which should be liver. We believe this is the optimal way for a carnivore to get what it needs from its diet. All these parts work together to allow the right minerals, vitamins and Amino acids to do the jobs they were meant to do within the body. Without one the other would eventually fail. 

We make attaining a correctly balanced diet easier for you, but also encourage you to research raw diets, so that you can make the right decisions for you and your furry family member.